Our Professional Services:

1. Engineering Design

Our engineering associates and staff memebers provide professional engineering services in industrial, commercial and residential clients. Our in-house engineering staff are capable of providing fast and effient engieering solutions in structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing fields.

2. Architectural Design

We believe there should be collaboration between the entire team of architects, engineers, owner and contractors, as well as plan review agencies to provide a well-rounded architectural design service. We creatively approach designs from various angles with no pre-conceived notions to provide a unique experience for each client, project and application.

3. Interior Design

N-Gineers provides the most up-to-dated design to look magnificent while satisfying the structure’s sustainability in county/city’s requirements. For all designs drawn by our professional associate, the design will be drawn based upon 4 conditions: space efficiency, cost-effective, safety and client’s demand & satisfaction. The built environment is further enhanced by detailing it to the final finishes. We focus on every element to ensure ultimate comfort for the client and make decisions to best accentuate the unique features of the space.

4. Site Analysis

N-Gineers provides the owner with services to assist in site selection for a project:

Provide analysis of the owner’s program and alternative sites, site utilization studies, planning and zoning requirements, site context, historic resources, utilities, environmental impact, parking and site circulation

Work together with civil engineers and landscape architects to review local zoning requirements and/or ordinances that impact site and proposed usage Site examination

5. Construction  Administration

N-Gineers Construction Administration Services are used to conduct regular team meetings on site with design, construction and owner representatives.

Observe compliance of construction completed to date
Review payment applications, change orders, product submittals
Answer Requests for Information (RFI)

6. Property Inspection

A trained expert gathers a on-stie information and conduct an inspection on residential, commercial and industrial structures. We evaluate many aspects of building such as plumbing, water and sewer systems, electrical system, and structural systems. Then we provide a report to inform client for remediation.