What service we provide -

1. Structure Designing and Planning

Upon receiving a request from client, trained expertises will have a meeting to discuss to have an optimizied plan that satisfies the client's demand and county/city's bye-laws while minimizing the cost. All structure design is thoroughly fabricated and executed under N-Gineers.

2. Construction Management

The construction Management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. We primarily work on three sector of construction: residential, commercial, and industrial. We closely work with clients and engineers to deliver the project on time while obeying public safety laws and regulations published by county.

3. Construction Cost Estimation

We estimate both the initial capital cost and the subsequent operation and maintenance costs. The cost of project is determined by following factors: production function, Empirical cost inference, unit cost for bill of quantities, and allocation of join costs. Overall, the cost estimation will be contained in the bid document: labor, materials, and equipment.

4. Interior Design

N-Gineers provides the most up-to-dated design to look magnificent while satisfying the structure’s sustainability in county/city’s law code. For all designs drawn by our professional associate, the design will be drawn based upon 4 conditions: space efficiency, cost-effective, safety and client’s demand & satisfaction.

5. Property Management

N-Gineers follows the basic property management process including initiation, planning/design, production/execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. We promise to deliver the most satisfied service to clients while allowing project plans to become very thorough and lower delivery costs, and lower time to deliver project results.

6. Property inspection

A trained expert gathers a on-stie information and conduct an inspection on residential, commercial and industrial structures. We will evaluate many aspects of building such as plumbing, water and sewer systems, electrical system, and structural systems. Then we will provide a report to inform client any damage, or upcoming expeneses and to decide whether the upcoming project will be initiated on the plan site or not.